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Wyatt & Vicki Gwin

Still Best Friends after 30 years!

Our hope is in Christ who is the only hope that this world has. We look ahead with great expectation as we seek the Lord’s plan for what He wants to accomplish in us and through us. We appreciate those who have faithfully given to our ministry this past year. We also ask those of you who give at the end of the year to please consider us in your giving this year.  For many years the tide of the Gospel has been going out in Britain.  It is our hope that the tide of the Gospel will turn and that we will see it rushing in to flood the souls and hearts of the British people!  Please continue to pray for the Battle for Britain!

OUR MISSION is to love souls and to seek to win them to Christ.

We continue to focus our ministry on the United Kingdom and churches that need help with revitalization.  We want to win the “Battle for Britain” as we use resources to SEEE (Serve, Encourage, Evangelize and Equip) the local church to grow in grace and in strength!  We also want to SEEE new churches started as more and more people come to place their faith in Jesus.  2 Thessalonians 3:1

OUR PURPOSE is to love Jesus and seek to put Him first.

When you see your father get promoted to heaven it makes you realize a few things.  One is that my dad was only 24 years older than me and he lived to be 89 years.  You immediately realize is that you and your generation are next in line for that promotion (or demotion depending on whom you are trusting)! 
In other words I can see the finish line very clearly now and that view has definitely made me want to finish the race with a greater determination to win as many souls for Christ as the Lord gives me strength.  After all, the only thing that we can take to heaven with us is the souls of men, everything else that we so greatly value in this life we must leave behind.  So, pray that I won’t lose focus on my purpose and mission!
This summer was a very trying time for our family in many different ways. We experienced the heavenly promotion of Vicki’s dad and then three weeks later my dad. They both knew and loved the Lord Jesus so we do look forward to being reunited with them forever in the life everlasting.  Please continue to pray for us as we seek to let the Lord have control of all things and in all things give thanks! God’s blessings are new every morning and great is His faithfulness!


Briarwood Presbyterian and Headley Park Evangelical Churches reached out to the community called Headley Park in the southern part of Bristol, England. This partnership has been an annual event for several years now as the believers from Birmingham, Alabama and the believers from Bristol work together in reaching out with the gospel to the children of Headley Park through a holiday Bible Club. This year a large number from the singles ministry at Briarwood were a part of this outreach. Pray for the believers at Headley Park as they follow through in reaching out to the families that these children represent in the weeks and months to come.